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Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

We are pleased to inform you that the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo,
which is located close to our Babaghuri shop in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa,
will show lamps created by Jurgen Lehl.

In recent years, while staying at his house in Ishigaki Island, he became saddened
and worried by the amount of waste that is cluttering the beautiful beaches.
To attract people’s attention to this serious reality, Jurgen Lehl began collecting
plastic garbage to create lamps which then can be used again.
It became his last project with which he wanted to create awareness in a slightly
playful way.
Photographs taken by Jurgen Lehl of polluted beaches,
the beautiful sea and over 100 beach sandals he collected, will also be on display.

Exhibition Information
“Whose place is this?”  July 18 2015-October 12,2015
at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Accompanying this exhibition, we published two books in Japanese and English.
“On the Beach 1” shows Jurgen Lehl’s photographs of the beaches, his lamps and
its creation,
“On the Beach 2” portrays all the beach sandals, photographed by himself.

In On the Beach 1, around 90 works of such trash-made lamp shades created over 6 years are shown, together with photographs of the artist in production or on the beach for collecting trashes. Creative director Kazuko Koike, who has known Jurgen Lehl since his first visit to Japan, contributed an essay to this volume.
While On the Beach 2, abandoned and decayed flip-flops found on the beach are photographed and shown like a specimen book.
All things should be made to return to the earth after its life−What can we learn from this Jurgen’s words?