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Lacquerware by Tomoyoshi Miyashita

Lacquerware by Tomoyoshi Miyashita
Photo by Noriko Matsumoto

Tomoyoshi Miyashita is involved in all stages of the process of lacquerware creation,
including planting seedlings, collecting the sap from lacquer trees
and of course creating the base containers of fine-grained wood.

This exhibition shows lacquerware that has been created for everyday use
rather than for display and is therefore practical and easy to take care of
but at the same time beautiful and unique.

There will also be small multi-tiered food boxes
that we have prepared for the new year.

Come along and enjoy the exhibition at the Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri shop.

Babaghuri Matsuya Ginza shop
Lacquerware by Tomoyoshi Miyashita
Dec 12nd 2012 – 18th

address:7F 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo – ku, Tokyo

December’s Treasures

December's Treasures

Antique gold and silver jewelery, collected over the years
by Jurgen Lehl
as he travelled around India, Thailand and Indonesia.

Shawls delicately quilted with slender silk thread.

For a special treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one,
visit Jurgen Lehl in December to find something a little out of the ordinary.

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(update on Dec 7th)
December's Treasures

December's Treasures

December's Treasures

Babaghuri shop
December’s Treasures
Dec 6th(Thu), 2012 – 18th(Tue)
11:00 – 19:00
closed on Wednesday
Jurgen Lehl 1F 3 – 1 – 7, Kiyosumi, Koto – ku, Tokyo



18 sculptures for sitting

In this exhibition, we are showing 18 new designs of wooden stools.
Although, each one is carved out of a solid block of farmed teakwood,
they have been made as light as possible without compromising on their strength.
I have been making carved stools with the same skilled craftsmen in Java for many years.
I thought that this time, some of the complicated designs I asked them
to make might be impossible to realize, but as usual, all of them
have been carved to perfection.

Photo by Noriko Matsumoto

The exhibition will be held from Oct 31st to Nov 6th.
Come and find your favourite.

Babaghuri shop
18 sculptures for sitting
Oct 31st, 2012(Thu) ~ Nov 4th(Tue) 11:00 – 19:00
closed on Wednesday
Jurgen Lehl 1F 3 – 1 – 7, Kiyosumi, Koto – ku, Tokyo

"Young-Jae Lee" exhibition

During the big earthquake last year,
the cabinet that held all my crockery toppled over
and almost everything broke into small shards.

When Yong-Jae Lee heard about this,
she made me several very beautiful bowls to replace the broken ones.
I am using them everyday with great pleasure.

On a recent trip to Germany I asked Yong-Jae
whether she could make more like them for the Babaghuri shop.

The answer is this exhibition of exceptional bowls with thick translucent glazes
in subtle shades of light grays and greens.

Lee Young-Jae has been awarded the Frechener Kulturstiftung award,
which is the greatest prize that artisans can receive in Germany.
Using German clay, she creates a diverse range of pottery with elegant lines
and the characteristic texture and colour of Korean celadon.

Young-Jae strongly believes that her works should be of practical use
and here at Babaghuri, we are pleased to be able to exhibit her unique items
and make them available for our customers.

The artist will be coming to Japan during the exhibition period.

Come and stop by at the Kiyosumi Babaghuri shop between
Oct 4th 2012 to 16th.

Oct 4, 2012(Thu) ~ 16(Tue) 11:00 – 19:00
closed on Wednesday
Jurgen Lehl 1F 3 – 1 – 7, Kiyosumi, Koto – ku, Tokyo


This exhibition is similar to a market, where 49 people specially chosen
by the Japan Design will be selling things that they have discovered or made.
During this event we will be selling 127 Babaghuri stones, 3 wooden boxes
containing 64 shells each and one very special small black Babaghuri stone
with a pattern in relief.

babaghuri stone box

babaghuri small stone

Nothing is more fascinating than nature. It can be full of surprises.
You just have to take the time to look carefully and sometimes very closely.
For example, what at first looked like a lot of dirty gravel in a dry riverbed in India
was hiding incredibly beautiful agate pebbles
of an endless variety of shapes and colours.
I started by looking for stones to make jewellery, enjoying the thrill of discovery
and in the end photographed the most unusual and interesting ones for a book titled

Then again, I found a very small shell during a summer holiday
on a small private island in Thailand.
It was my first experience to see a shell with such an intricate pattern.
During a week with nothing to do but walk on the beach, I found many more of them.
All of these shells had the same design theme consisting of lines and triangles,
but none of them had the same pattern.
What makes these beings decide how to decorate their houses?

For more details, please take a look at this slide show.

(click on image to start slide show.)
ginza mekiki 2, Jurgen Lehl, Babaghuri

At the same time as this exhibition Matsuya Dep. Store is scheduling another event
where all sorts of handmade merchandise will be sold.
In tune with that event we are also showing many objects made by hand
such as pottery, cast iron items, hammered copper pots, bamboo baskets,
hand towels, wooden stools and a selection of chopstick rests shaped by nature.
collected on various southern Japanese beaches by Jurgen Lehl.

Sep 26th 2012 – Nov 1st
place: Event Square, Matsuya Ginza 8F

babaghuri stone 銀座目利き百貨街2
babaghuri stone 銀座目利き百貨街2
babaghuri stone 銀座目利き百貨街2